Seclock European Patent 1454070

Seclock UK Patent No GB 2382853

Seclock US Patent No US 7,051,624 B2

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      UK  Patent No  BG2382853

      US Patent No  US 7,051,624 B2

      European Patent 1454070


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                   M10 Nut and Tool                                                       Seclock Style Bolts


            M6, M10, M8, Nuts and Tools                                                M10 Lock Only Nut


The Seclock Range of Nuts and Bolts can be made Lock only by omitting anticlockwise scrolls which are used for unlocking.

Ranging from M3 to M30 or Larger as special.

Material:- A2,A4 Stainless, Mild Steel BZP, High Tensile Steel.


M3  8.0mm Dia 3.00mm high

M4  8.0mm Dia 3.2mm high

M5  9.5mm Dia 4.0mm high

M6   12.7mm Dia  5.0mm high

M8   16mm Dia  6.5mm high

M10 19mm Dia  7.5mm high

M12 22mm Dia  9.5mm high

M16 28mm Dia 10.5mm high

M20 35mm Dia 13.0mm high

M24 38mm Dia 14.5mm high

M30 45mm Dia 17.5mm high